First Visit

About one week before your initial complimentary appointment, Donna, our Treatment Coordinator, will mail you a welcome letter. If you are an adult, your will also receive a patient information form to be filled out prior to your appointment.

Upon your arrival, Donna will take you on a tour of our office. Digital panoramic and cephalometric x-rays and digital photographs of the patient’s face and teeth will be taken at this time. The panoramic x-ray allows Dr. Gill to get a complete picture of the root positions, bone structure, and teeth that are present below the gum line. The cephalometric x-ray is a side view of the head, which will show Dr. Gill the jaw position and biting relationship.

The initial examination will determine if there is a need for orthodontic treatment. We understand that each patient comes to our office with different needs, concerns and expectations about orthodontics. It is, for this reason, we set aside time to allow us to get to know each other. Dr. Gill will discuss what treatment is indicated and what your options are. He will also review your photos and x-rays with you to give you a better sense of any problems that might be present. The exam, x-rays, and photos are complementary in order for you to obtain the information necessary to make the best decision for your child or yourself. If orthodontic treatment is not indicated but may be required as growth and development progress, Dr. Gill will provide follow-up recall visits at no charge.

Because your time is valuable, we have structured the initial appointment to allow the completion of what was once two or even three separate visits, so please allow 70 minutes for this visit. If treatment is indicated, as a convenience to you, time has been set aside to complete diagnostic models of the teeth. This information will allow Dr. Gill to determine a specific treatment plan for you. Fees and payment arrangements will be discussed with you prior to any procedures that will incur fees.

If treatment is recommended, Donna, our Treatment Coordinator, will explain the orthodontic appliances Dr. Gill will use, and review the financial aspects of your orthodontic care. We offer several affordable payment options and will also be glad to determine your insurance coverage, if applicable. We will ask that you sign an assignment of benefits form so that insurance benefits can come directly to our office. This allows us to deduct your orthodontic insurance benefits from the total fee. In order to assist you in receiving your maximum benefit, Cindy, our Insurance Coordinator, will be available to handle the insurance paperwork for you.